WhatsApp to Allow iPhone Users to Transfer Chats Without iCloud

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a way for iPhone users to transfer their chats from one device to another without the use of iCloud.

Word comes by way of WaBetaInfo, which discovered that WhatsApp is looking to introduce a new feature dubbed ‘Transfer Chats to iPhone’. Using this, users will be able to transfer their WhatsApp chats from one iPhone to another using a QR code.

The way the feature is reportedly designed, users will need to download and install WhatsApp on their new phone. After doing so, they’ll be required to register their phone number. Using the older device, users can scan a QR code displayed on the new phone to automatically start transferring their chats.

Currently, the feature is being tested by WhatsApp beta testers. Those enrolled in the program have a chance to test out the feature by ensuring they have the latest version of the WhatsApp beta on their device. Having the TestFlight build installed, users can see how WhatsApp’s native chat transfer feature works.

As of now, WhatsApp’s only core method of transferring chats is via iCloud. However, this largely depends on whether users have created a Chat Backup prior to initiating a transfer. Without it, users will have to start from scratch on their new device.

Of course, this new method won’t necessarily help those who may have lost their iPhones and are setting up a new device. Much like the iCloud method, having access to your older device is integral to the ‘Transfer Chats to iPhone’ feature.

The new feature is said to be rolling out to more beta testers in the coming days. Following its testing phase, WhatsApp is expected to begin rolling out the feature to general users worldwide. However, there’s currently no word on when to expect the feature to land.