Eastlink to Continue with Ericsson for 5G Network Expansion

Ericsson eastern canada

Ericsson announced today a continuation of its 10-year collaboration with Eastlink, aimed at fortifying 5G mobile network services across hundreds of communities served by Eastlink. A new three-year deal has been signed between both companies.

Sweden-based Ericsson will provide 3500MHz mid-band radios and enhanced core network support for voice and data, following the successful launch of Eastlink’s 5G network last year utilizing its high-performing, energy-efficient Radio Access Network (RAN).

“Our sustained partnership with Ericsson, a worldwide industry leader, enables us to offer our customers the full range of next-generation 5G experiences,” said Jeff Gillham, CEO of Eastlink.

In March 2022, Eastlink launched its 5G network powered by Ericsson technology, with the first sites going live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Since then, both companies have been collaborating to construct a robust 5G infrastructure for both consumers and enterprise applications. The extended partnership will see the activation of Eastlink’s 3500MHz spectrum to further improve coverage, reduce latency, and deliver faster speeds.

“Our enduring partnership has been instrumental in ensuring Eastlink’s customers have access to top-tier 5G technology,” said Jeanette Irekvist, President of Ericsson Canada. “We are thrilled to continue our journey together, delivering innovative solutions and enhanced experiences through robust, reliable, and sustainable next-generation networks.”

Eastlink says it was the Canadian company to completely phase out legacy 3G networks to bring forth 5G network capabilities. The company says it has invested nearly $500 million since its launch in 2013.