Ford Reiterates Support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Unlike GM

2023 apple carplay

Automaker Ford says it remains committed to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its vehicles, unlike other carmakers that are making their own software, such as Tesla and General Motors.

According to Ford CEO Jim Farley yesterday, speaking to the Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern at the WSJ Future conference, the leader said the majority of their customers in the U.S. are Apple customers, and they won’t ditch them.

Ford believes there are two camps when it comes to automakers and interior software: Tesla and General Motors and “other”, which includes Ford.

Tesla runs its own proprietary software inside its vehicles, controlling all aspects with support for over-the-air software updates (although there is a Tesla CarPlay hack that involves some work).

General Motors recently announced it is ditching Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its future electric vehicles. Instead, the legacy automaker will build its own in-car infotainment system with Google, leveraging future subscription revenues.

As for the “other” camp, Farley is referring to automakers that offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with the software currently available at no charge to carmakers.

Ford revealed 70% of their U.S. customers are Apple customers. “Why would I go to an Apple customer and say ‘good luck’”, said the CEO.

In a similar statement to 9to5Mac, a Ford spokesperson also reiterated support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

“We continue to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto because customers love the capability that enables easy access and control of their smartphone apps – especially our EV customers because some EVs currently do not offer the features,” said a Ford spokesperson.

For car customers that have long used Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it’s tough to suddenly lose support. Apple’s next-gen CarPlay is set to be implemented into carmakers soon with announcements pegged for “late 2023”.