TekSavvy Celebrates 25 Years of Defying ‘Reseller’ Stereotype

teksavvy reseller

In light of its 25th anniversary, independent telecom provider, TekSavvy is taking a stand against the derogatory label of “reseller” that it says Big Telecoms have repeatedly used to undermine its operations and reputation.

Peter Nowak, TekSavvy’s Vice-President of Insight & Engagement, rebuffed the mischaracterization, stating, “It’s dirty, incorrect, and intended to diminish what TekSavvy represents. As we mark a quarter of a century of offering consumers an alternative to the dominant players, it’s high time we set the record straight.”

Big Telecoms use the term ‘reseller’ to insinuate that TekSavvy simply rebrands their services, adding little value to the industry. However, Nowak insists this portrayal is far from the truth, emphasizing that TekSavvy is more than just a reseller; it is a fiercely competitive player that significantly contributes to Canada’s telecom market.

“TekSavvy is not merely a ‘reseller’ in the common sense. We own and operate a growing broadband network based in Chatham, Ontario, expanding across Southwestern Ontario,” Nowak clarified. “The fact that tens of thousands of households now have access to services they didn’t have before or have additional competitive providers to choose from is a testament to our relentless commitment to the market.”

The telecom industry, by nature, involves shared use of network infrastructure. Nowak argued that the term ‘reseller’ lacks context and is hypocritical, especially when large telecom companies routinely share networks with each other. He further explained the intricacies of network arrangements, stating that the ‘last-mile’ connection to homes, which is typically leased out to competitors such as TekSavvy, is the basis for the unmerited ‘reseller’ label.

Check out TekSavvy’s video below:

YouTube video

TekSavvy, which has a strong track record of standing up for consumer rights, sees the ‘reseller’ dispute as more than a semantic argument. “This isn’t just about semantics. It’s a battle over how Canada’s telecom market should function and whom it should serve,” Nowak emphasized.

Over the past 25 years, TekSavvy has consistently countered anti-consumer moves by big telcos. “When they wanted to charge customers for every gigabyte used, to slow down speeds for competing online services, or to block websites conflicting with their services, we stood up to them,” Nowak stated. This advocacy has been a significant value proposition for TekSavvy and a major reason why Big Telecom seeks to diminish its role.

Nowak concluded, “Words do matter. TekSavvy is not a reseller – no matter what they say otherwise. We exist to compete and to give consumers more options, unlike the big telcos, whose primary concern is boosting profits and shareholder dividends.”

Are you a TekSavvy customer? At some point, it seems TekSavvy will be presented with a takeover offer from Big Telecom. It’ll be interesting to see what its investors will want to do when a bag of cash is dangled in front of its face. We’ve seen other smaller independent ISPs get swallowed up by incumbents, but for now, TekSavvy remains a strong holdout.

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