Apple Patent Reveals Wearable AirTag, Focused on Health Analysis

Apple’s AirTags have become a core part of the company’s ecosystem, with users leaning on the little trackers to keep tabs on the whereabouts of items. However, a newly discovered patent indicates Apple may be developing a wearable tag for health analysis.

Patently Apple (seen by 9to5Mac) was able to sniff out a patent application that was published last week. The original patent for a wearable AirTag was filed by the Cupertino company in 2020. In a filing, it’s said that Apple is seemingly developing a wearable tag that can be placed on various parts of the user’s body.

These tags can supposedly then read and analyze an assortment of metrics from the wearer. It’s said that the functions range from analyzing posture, sun exposure, physical therapy, fitness tracking, motion tracking, etc. Additionally, biometric and medical applications could be applied as well.

Apple is seemingly keeping this device close to the chest. The company filed the patent application under the names of its engineers and not the company itself. Though, now that the patent has been published, Apple’s name now appears on the U.S. patent.

Apple’s ecosystem already goes a long way into recording and analyzing the health and wellness of a user. Apple Watch has the ability to track fitness goals and provide health information in real-time. Apple appears to be leveraging its position here in order to better support the user in their goals or notify them if an issue were to come up.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this AirTag wearable will see the light of day as a consumer product. Apple patents a multitude of ideas and devices. Though, as Apple continues exploring health and wellness applications, there’s a growing likelihood that this could become a new item in the Apple Store.