Experience Waze with Comedian Hasan Minhaj as Your Navigator

Fans of comedian Hasan Minhaj can now have him as their personal navigator, guiding them through their travels with his trademark wit and humor.

HasanMinhaj waze

With this new Waze experience, drivers can hear Hasan’s hilarious take on everything from traffic to rest stops as he shares his insights into the absurdity of driving.

Hasan is the perfect in-car companion for any journey with relatable commentary, some self-deprecation, and the ability to cheer you up when the traffic gets you down.

For example, if you’re stuck behind a car with a broken “Check Engine” light, he might quip, “Hey, so that thing with ten thousand parts inside it? One of them is broken but we can’t say which.” Upon arrival at your destination, he’ll even suggest you give the screen a high-five if no one’s watching.

Users can select the Mood that lets everyone know just how hilarious they are and embrace the shameless suburban dad energy with The Minivan vehicle for the full Hasan Minhaj experience.

So, the next time you’re driving, let Hasan be your guide with his unique perspective on the world.

The new Waze experience is now available in Canada and globally, with the voice guidance in English.