Uber Canada Launches Teen Accounts, Video Gift Messaging, and More

Uber Canada has announced some great new features at its annual GO-GET product showcase, including Teen Accounts, Video Gift Messaging, and Group Grocery Orders.

Uber Canada Teen Accounts

Uber’s new Teen Accounts feature allows parents to manage their teen’s activities with experienced drivers providing transportation using Uber’s built-in safety features.

These safety features include Verify My Ride, RideCheck, and Audio Recording. Additionally, live trip tracking lets a parent follow the trip’s progress so they know exactly where their teen is going.

And with always-on support, parents can contact the driver directly during a trip, contact Uber’s support team, or report an issue on behalf of their teen.

Teen accounts will roll out in western Canada and Quebec starting today, followed by Ontario and Nova Scotia in the summer.

Gift card still 505x1024

To make gift-giving on Uber Eats more personal and memorable, you can now record a unique video message to accompany your gift. This feature is launching today across Canada, starting with gift cards.

Soon Canadians will be able to add video messages to thousands of gifts on the app, whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or even an order of tacos.

Group Order Recurring Orders 505x1024

Lastly, the new Group Grocery Orders on Uber Eats let you invite participants to add their own items to a shared cart.

As a bonus feature, Canadians can now also make group grocery orders ‘recurring.’ Simply select the recurring frequency you want (weekly, monthly, etc.) and the group will receive reminders to add their items to the shopping list.