Here are Bell EPP Promos for May 2023

Bell epp may 2023

Bell recently sent an email to its exclusive partner program (EPP) customers, detailing the latest offers on wireless plans and devices.

The company’s Ultimate Plan is available for $60/month with 100GB of data for 24 months. After that period, it jumps back to $65/month. The plan offers 5G data speeds, HD video and unlimited talk and text along with 24 months of Crave Mobile.

Also available is a $50 per line Essential Plan with 20GB of data at 5G speeds but limited to up to 250 Mbps and SD video streaming and unlimited talk and text.

Every family member added to your account will get a $50 bill credit, eliminating the one-time $50 Connection Service Fee.

Bell says you can also save $120 on the latest phones with a Bell SmartPay plan over two years.

Other bring your own phone plans being offered right now for Bell EPP include:

  • $50/20GB (up to 250 Mbps 5G speeds)
  • $50/25GB (up to 250 Mbps 5G speeds); after a $5/month credit for 24 months
  • $55/25GB (up to 250 Mbps 5G speeds)
  • $60/100GB; after a $5/month credit for 24 months
  • $70/100GB Ultimate 100 US; after a $5/month credit for 24 months

Bell says these special EPP offers end on June 6, 2023.

How to get a Bell EPP plan? You need to check with your employer and see if they offer perks from Bell. Are you seeing other EPP offers from Telus or Rogers? Email them to so we can share with the community.

Thanks Paul!