Bell EPP Promos April 2023: $65/50GB ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan and More

Bell epp canada

For those with employers that offer Bell’s Exclusive Partner Program (EPP), the latest April 2023 offers were sent out this week, according to emails seen by iPhone in Canada.

EPP offerings are perks for businesses to offer their employees, essentially special phone plans you can’t get anywhere else.

For April 2023, Bell says you can get their Ultimate Plan at $65 per month (per line) with 50GB ‘unlimited’ data at 5G speeds (throttled at 512 Kbps once you use up your 50GB of course). The plan includes HD video streaming and unlimited talk and text. The plan includes 24 months of Crave Mobile.

As of writing, this 50GB plan costs $95 per month on Bell’s website, so you’re saving $30/month.

A second offer details a “special price” for a $50/15GB promo plan for bring your own phone customers. This plan has 4G speeds at up to 150 Mbps and only SD video streaming and unlimited talk and text.

Bell’s regular website has a 15GB non-shareable data plan (250 Mbps speeds) priced at $65/month that includes 5G data and SD video streaming and unlimited talk and text. So the EPP plan saves you $15/month, but you’re getting slower 4G data speeds.

For each family member or friend you add to your account (5 max), you can get a $50 bill credit, applied to your second bill. Also, if you refer a colleague to the EPP program, you can both get a $50 bill credit on top of discounts ($5 for 10 months).

The fine print says this offer ends on May 10, 2023 and of course, a one-time $50 connection fee applies.

Thanks Paul!