Netflix U.S. Password Sharing Crackdown Begins, Joining Canada

Netflix password crackdown

Netflix is taking definitive steps to discourage account sharing beyond a single household in the United States, expanding its password sharing crackdown that began in Canada back in February.

The move announced on Tuesday involves the streaming giant sending emails to members suspected of sharing their accounts outside of their household.

Netflix maintains that an individual subscription should cater exclusively to one household, allowing members within that unit to enjoy Netflix anywhere, whether at home, on the move, or on holiday. The platform also promotes its new features, namely ‘Transfer Profile’ and ‘Manage Access and Devices’, which enhance the viewing experience for members.

Here’s a picture of the email Netflix will be sending out to U.S. members today:

Netflix password crackdown

In the face of stiff competition from a myriad of other entertainment providers, Netflix acknowledges its members’ vast range of choices. This realization motivates the company’s continuous and substantial investment in a diverse array of new films and TV shows, tailored to cater to the varying tastes, moods, and languages of its users.

Last year, Netflix introduced paid password sharing features in Latin America, then brought them to Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain earlier this year. The U.S. wasn’t included in this initial expansion on the password crackdown and some Canadians though it wasn’t fair. But alas, it looks like after seeing the experiment in Canada and other markets, Netflix is ready to rollout its password sharing crackdown back home.

One of the newly introduced features, “Buy an Extra Member,” allows Netflix users on Standard or Premium plans to add an extra member outside their household at the cost of $7.99 CAD per month in Canada. Each of these extra members will have their own profile, personalized recommendations, and a unique login and password.

Netflix’s pricing in Canada is as follows: Basic with ads at 5.99 CAD/month, Basic at 9.99 CAD/month, Standard at 16.49 CAD/month, and Premium at 20.99 CAD/month.