Readdle Debuts Spark Email Powered by ChatGPT

Readdle has just announced Spark +AI for mobile and desktop, ushering in a new era for email with the integration of generative AI technology.

Designed to remove writer’s block, enhance productivity, and elevate the quality of emails, Spark +AI serves as a highly-intuitive personal email assistant. The app’s advanced AI algorithms generate well-crafted emails, allowing users to review and tailor them according to their preferences, and compose the perfect email in seconds.

With Spark +AI, users gain access to a range of powerful features. Personalized emails or replies can be easily composed by providing a brief context, allowing users to effortlessly communicate with recipients.

The AI-powered system offers the flexibility to rephrase emails, adjust text length, and modify the tone to suit the desired level of formality or friendliness.

Spark +AI also includes a proofreading function to ensure professionalism and an option to break the email content into paragraphs, enhancing readability and organization.

Here’s a quick rundown of Spark +AI’s key features:

  • Compose personalized emails or replies from scratch – all you need do is provide the briefest context
  • Expand on any idea: rephrase an email easily, shorten or expand text, change tone to friendly or formal
  • Quick AI reply – simply pick ‘Interested’ or ‘Not Interested’, ‘Thanks’ and let AI generate a draft reply for you to review in seconds
  • Proofread emails to ensure professionalism
  • Option to break the copy into paragraphs

“We know that tackling your inbox can be overwhelming and distracting at the best of times. Our goal is to transform and enhance the way you work with emails. With AI, you’ll feel more confident about your writing, and work faster,” said Readdle co-founder Alex Tyagulsky in an issued statement.

The integration of AI technology in Spark +AI marks a significant milestone in email communication, revolutionizing the way users work with their inboxes. The company told iPhone in Canada the new Spark +AI leverages “various GPT models” within the GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 Turbo family. The company says it is possible it may transition to more efficient models in the future.

Spark +AI is now available for download on iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms and requires a paid subscription.