CCTS Speeds Up Telecom Complaints Process

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The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) has announced a significant update to its complaint-handling process, promising quicker and more effective resolutions for customers facing issues with their phone, TV, and internet services.

The CCTS offers fair, independent, and timely outcomes for TV and telecom consumer complaints, which it says benefits both consumers and service providers. In 2019, the organization started to review its service delivery mechanisms to improve its effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency.

The comprehensive review of the CCTS’ complaint-handling processes, complaint fee model, and other business processes led to the identification of opportunities for improvement through process and technology changes.

This modernization project, the most significant in the organization’s 15-year history, was informed by input from a range of stakeholders, including consumer advocacy groups, service providers, CRTC staff, and CCTS employees.

“We have worked tirelessly to make our complaint-handling services more effective, efficient, and transparent for customers and service providers,” said Howard Maker, Commissioner and CEO of the CCTS in a statement. “These transformative efforts build on our team’s track record of resolving nearly 9 out of 10 complaints. We remain committed to offering outstanding service, and we are excited to see how these changes improve our services.”

There’s a four-step process for dealing with the CCTS. The first is you submit a complaint to them. Next, the CCS will send your complaint to your provider who then works with you to resolve it. The CCS says “most complaints” are resolved at this second step.

The third step is when the CCTS helps to resolve your complaint or decides if your provider acted properly. If not, your provider will be told how to fix the problem. The final fourth step, if necessary? The provider must implement the resolution or the CCTS finding.

The CCTS publishes all telecom complaints so consumers can see which companies received the most submissions. No telecom wants the bad PR of receiving the title of the company with the most CCTS complaints.

The streamlined and simplified complaints process is expected to fast-track complaint resolutions. Stakeholders will also benefit from increased transparency in the decision-making process regarding complaints. The CCTS will continue to engage with stakeholders throughout the implementation of these changes and welcomes all feedback.

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The CCTS has so far helped resolve over 150,000 complaints fairly and free of charge, with most complaints often resolved within 30 days. Customers facing unresolved disputes with their service providers are encouraged to reach out to the CCTS for assistance.

In a nutshell, if you have a telecom complaint related to phone, TV and internet, file a complaint with the CCTS and it will resolve the issue for you, by dealing with your telecom.

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