Microsoft Surface Pro X Cameras Stop Working, Temporary Fix Found

Microsoft Surface Pro X users have encountered a widespread problem this week as their device cameras have suddenly stopped working, The Verge is reporting.

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Numerous Reddit users and individuals on Microsoft’s support forums have voiced complaints about the cameras on their Surface Pro X models abruptly ceasing to function.

The exact cause of the camera malfunction remains unclear at this time. Users have attempted to resolve the issue by reinstalling drivers, but this has not proven successful.

As verified by The Verge, when users attempt to utilize the Surface Pro camera app, Windows displays an error message “0xA00F4271<MediaCaptureFailedEvent> (0x80004005).”

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Fortunately, a temporary fix has been discovered, suggesting a potential connection to an expired security certificate within Windows.

Several Surface Pro X owners have confirmed that rolling back the system date to May 22nd temporarily resolves the camera issue.

It is important to note that while this workaround may be effective, changing the system date can lead to authentication problems with certain websites and services.

These camera problems have emerged in the midst of Microsoft’s Build developers conference, during which it has introduced enhancements for Windows 11 and unveiled a new AI-powered Copilot assistant.

In fact, a new Windows 11 update, featuring improvements specifically for devices like the Surface Pro X, is scheduled for release today.

Microsoft has not yet issued an official comment on the situation. We’ll be sure to provide you with updates as more information becomes available.