Meta Quest 3 Gets Teardown Treatment by iFixit [VIDEO]

Meta quest 3 teardown jpeg

Meta’s Quest 3, the latest offering in the virtual and mixed reality space, presents a blend of innovative design and complex hardware, raising questions about its repairability. An iFixit teardown revealed that while the device features upgrades like a new depth sensor and sleeker profile, it also poses challenges in maintenance.

The Quest 3 adopts pancake lenses from its higher-end counterpart, the Quest Pro, and weighs approximately 10 grams more than the Quest 2. This has led to speculation about whether the Quest 3 is essentially a lighter version of the Quest Pro, and whether it will present difficulties in disassembly similar to its predecessor.

The device’s Touch Plus controllers are a notable improvement, bridging the design gap between the Quest Pro and Quest 2 controllers. The controllers are easier to handle and maintain, featuring a new tracking system that replaces the side cameras. Battery replacement in the controllers is straightforward.

However, the headset itself presents challenges in repairability. While some components are easily accessible, the battery requires a complex replacement procedure. The Quest 3’s internal construction appears to be heavily influenced by the Quest 2, but it does not feature curved batteries, making the replacement process intricate.

The Quest 3’s design is not a compromise between its predecessors but stands as its own product with unique features and complexities. Despite its innovative upgrades, the device’s repair and maintenance could involve additional steps. Coupled with the absence of repair manuals and the unavailability of OEM spare parts to the general public, the Quest 3 received a repairability score of 4 out of 10.

Check out the full video teardown below:

YouTube video

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