Apple Smart Ring Might Be Coming, Says Report

Frodo ring jpeg

Frodo about to put on Apple Ring version 1.0

What’s the next big thing? It could be smart rings and Samsung is expected to unveil its ‘Galaxy Ring’ at upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event this summer. But now we’re hearing Apple may be ramping up its smart ring efforts as well.

According to ET News (via MacRumors), Apple has been filing patents for an ‘Apple Ring’, suggesting a launch may happen at some point soon. Smart rings would have sensors, NFC support, heart rate monitors and essentially be seen as always-on healthcare tech, that would be easier to wear for longer compared to smartwatches, while collecting precise biometric data.

The global smart ring market is pegged to reach $1.97 billion US by 2031, despite being only at $20 million in 2023, according to Business Research Insights.

Apple in November filed a patent that could apply to smart rings to suggest the tech could be used to control smartphones and tablets.

An industry insider commented (translated), “With the growth of the global healthcare market and the developed mobile ecosystem in North America and the Asia-Pacific region, the smart ring industry is expected to grow rapidly. Companies that can offer connectivity, convenience, and accuracy will likely lead the market.”

Currently, Finland-based Oura Ring leads the smart ring market with a product that debuted back in 2016. The ring offers sleep and heart rate monitoring but the product has not taken off yet. But the smart ring market is said to blow wide open once Samsung and Apple decide to enter the market, according to industry experts.

A smart ring with customizable NFC for payments and unlocking cars would be handy. That way you could leave your Apple Watch and iPhone locked away if you’re going for a workout or run, for example, and not get distracted with notifications.

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