Reddit Launches New Tools for Better AMA Experiences

reddit ama

Reddit announced today a suite of new tools aimed at making hosting and participating in AMAs (Ask Me Anything) easier and more engaging.

Hosts get new features such as the ability to schedule and promote AMAs in advance, include guest collaborators, and easily inform participants of the official close of AMAs.

As for participants, they can now RSVP via a new button, receive reminders beforehand and when AMAs start, and sort by Answered versus Unanswered questions, to make it easier to find information.

REDDIT ama 2

The new tools are designed for convenience, plus include an updated web post composer with an AMA tab, making it as easy to create an AMA as a regular post. Hosts can schedule and promote AMAs ahead of time, with the option to start immediately or set a start time up to 21 days in advance. They can also bring in up to five guest collaborators to help reply to questions and mark the official close of an AMA, leaving a note so users know when it’s ending.

Also, there’s a new AMA Hub that has launched to offer resources, best practices, how-tos, and more for Redditors looking to run AMAs with these news tools.

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