Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Case Review

After waiting in line for the iPhone 4 (all night along with hundreds of other foaming from the mouth Apple fans), I ordered my free Bumper case the next day via the iPhone 4 Bumper Case App. I wasn’t home to accept the package, but happened to be present when my brother-in-law Kael’s Bumper arrived.

First Impressions of the iPhone 4 Bumper Case

After opening the thin bubble wrap packaging, I was surprised at how minimal the Bumper packaging was. Definitely very “Apple-esque” with its thin plastic cover and thin paper backing with installation instructions.

Upon inspection of the Bumper itself, it was nice to see metallic volume and sleep/wake buttons. Rubber surrounds plastic and the installation of the Bumper is a very tight, almost perfect fit. The Bumper fit amazingly well with my full body iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD. It’s a perfect harmony of two protective solutions.

The Bumper does immediately take away from the unique antenna design of the iPhone 4, and makes the phone feel bulkier. But the peace of mind when placing the iPhone down on a flat surface is definitely worth it. Before the Bumper, I always had to delicately place the iPhone 4 down on any surface. Now I can rest a bit easier.

Would I pay $29.99 for the Bumper, if Apple hadn’t given them away for free? Yes. After installing the case on my iPhone 4 and realizing the almost perfect fit, it’s definitely a nice case to have. While it won’t protect fully from huge drops, it does give you that extra bit of confidence when carrying your iPhone 4.

Update 1 (Aug 31/2010):

  • My Griffin FM tuner does not work with the Bumper case. I thought it did but it doesn’t.
  • 3rd party battery chargers won’t work either with the case on.

Have you received your Bumper yet? How do you like it?