GelGuard iPhone 4 Case By Logiix

Apple posted some nice cases available for free in their iPhone 4 Case Program, but as the iPhone 4 continues to push forward, more and more accessory makers are revealing their offers.

GelGuard by Logiix

Today I have the GelGuard iPhone 4 case from Logiix which is a line of hard silicone cases to protect your iPhone 4.

The GelGuard is a hard and durable silicone case that covers the back and all sides of the iPhone 4. The case leaves cut-outs for the dock connector, speaker/microphone, silent switch, headphone jack, and camera. The case further covers the home/sleep button and volume buttons.

Since the case is made of silicone, it provides a solid degree of cushion if the iPhone 4 was ever dropped. In other words, this case will absorb a shock much better than if the device was naked.

The case is also not one of those loose silicone cases that we have all tried. The edge of the case is very tightly built and provides a slim profile against the iPhone 4. The case feels nice when held and isn’t overly sticky, which is characteristic of most silicone cases.

A great bonus with the GelGuard is that each case includes a screen protector. This way, the GelGuard case covers the back/sides of the iPhone 4 and the screen protector covers the display.

The GelGuard iPhone 4 case is available in Black or Clear. For purchasing, the cases are available at local retailers, so check out your local electronic store for availability and pricing.