Get $20 Off and Free Shipping Off a Podium iPhone Stand: Cash for Clunkers Stimulus!

When you sit down at your computer, where do you place your iPhone? Beside you on the desk? In your pocket? There are lots of iPhone stands out there but by stand with the highest quality are the ones from Podium by Pivotal.

You’ve read our review of the Podium Pearl and Platinum. These high quality stands are well designed and can rotate freely. They are fairly heavy so you can rest assured it won’t go flying off your desk.

Get $20 Off and Free Shipping If You Recycle Your Existing iPhone Stand

Seems like the guys from Pivotal want to help “stimulate” the economy so they are offering a pretty sweet deal if you have an old stand to recycle. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: If you have one of the following stands below you are eligible for the $20 off coupon.


Step 2: Send in picture of you “recycling” your stand to


Step 3: You’ll soon receive a $20 off coupon code. If you send in a video of you “recycling” your stand on YouTube and you’ll get free shipping too! If my calculations are correct, existing Podiums are selling for $38. With the $20 off coupon you’ll get one for $18–and if you send a video, you’ll get free shipping!


This is a neat little promotional program, but I hope you guys and girls have some hefty boots out there to crush you iPhone stands, because if not I can foresee some injuries coming your way! This promotion ends August 31st, so act quickly if you want your discount!