Helium Digital HD-340 Boombuds for Mobile Review

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A few weeks back, I was contacted by by a representative from Helium Digital regarding an accessory review. The company wanted me to take a look at their HD-340 Boombuds for Mobile, headphones for the iPhone that include the mic and button controls. I was pretty excited to get them in the mail, and even more excited to review them. At a retail price of $24.99, just how would they fare up against the OEM Apple headphones?

What’s included in the box?

The HD-340 Boombuds for Mobile arrived in a mini zip lock and was shipped pretty fast from Toronto to Vancouver. Included with the headset itself are two sets of silicon tips. The Boombuds are 45cm in length and a shirt clip is included. The slim 3.5mm plug fits perfectly into your iPhone–no adapter needed!

So…how did they fare versus the Apple headphones?

The headphones themselves come in an angled design, quite different from your tradition iPod headphones. I don’t know about you, but the Apple headphones always fall out of my ears! But with these Boombuds, I did enjoy the angled design as they fit very snug in my ears. They would be perfect to take jogging or to the gym. No more headphones falling out of your ears!

The HD-340 Boombuds come with an answer/mic button, similar to the Apple headphones. The earbuds are finished in dark copper which gives them sleek look. I tested out the earbuds listening to songs on my iPhone. The sound quality was very good, and I would say an improvement over the Apple headphones. Why? Well, it’s all in the design. Since the fit was very snug into my ears I heard every last beat from the music. Bass and treble tones were good, but did not blow me out of the water. A few adjustments with the iPhone equalizer and that changed things up a bit. Still, an improvement over the Apple headphones!

The control button works perfectly, just like my iPhone headphones. I tested out the mic quality by making a few calls. Feedback from people on the other line said the quality was good and they could hear me clearly. That’s a good sign!

The final verdict…

The Helium Digital HD-340 Boombuds for Mobile function exactly like the Apple iPhone headphones. What makes them different is the design of the earbuds–they fit well into your ears. This leads to a much improved music-listening experience. Although the music quality was good, it didn’t make me scream with joy. This is coming from someone who is not an audiophile–but believe me, the quality was improved because of the fit in my ears!

However, what makes these boombuds from Helium Digital unique, is that you get the answer/mic button built in! This makes it very convenient to pause or skip songs, plus–answer and hang up phone calls! The convenience of controlling your music and answering calls is just priceless. The black design is pretty nice, which will keep iPod/iPhone thieves guessing. All in all, the headset works exactly as advertised and would be worth enough to replace your original Apple headphones. But if you’re a hardcore audiophile, you might end up expecting a bit more from these boombuds!

Special offers from Helium Digital:

Introductory offer! – For a limited time only, receive FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING when purchasing this item direct from the Helium Digital web site. The free shipping offer is limit 1 per customer, and  shipping costs will automatically be removed at checkout.

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