Hidden Radio Releases Limited Edition Metallic Red Speaker [Free Shipping]

It has been said a few times about the HiddenRadio‘s minimalistic speaker design that if Apple ever built a Bluetooth speaker, this would be it. Today, the company has released a special edition of its iconic speaker in Metallic Red colour, with a limited run of only 500 units. The product is being offered with free shipping to anywhere in Canada using promo code “RED500”.

Hidden Red

Those who aren’t familiar, HiddenRadio is a sleek multifunctional Bluetooth speaker, with amplifier and FM radio all-in-one that works with most laptops, tablets and iOS or Android smartphones for superior music, movies, and gaming experience. The product’s iconic design is captivating in its simplicity and ease of use. The interactive cap serves as the power switch and controls the volume. With its unique 360° sound, its drivers and cone design spread the sound evenly throughout the room.

HiddenRadio is available online in Metallic Silver, Graphite Black, Pure and Red (available for pre order) for $145.95.