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iCarbons Giveaway: The Amazing Carbon Fiber Skins For Apple Devices [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

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Yes, the iCarbons truly are amazing! I’ve got dozens of expensive cases and premium accessories that do really well decorating my precious Apple hardware but I’m yet to come across something so fantastic and simple as a carbon fiber textured 3M sticker that makes my favourite cell phone, tablet & laptop look absolutely stunning.

A couple of months back, I reviewed the iCarbons white carbon fiber skins for iPhone 4S and the new iPad. Since then, I’ve received a few more carbon fiber skins i.e a black carbon fiber skin for Macbook Pro 13″, a black carbon fiber skin for the latest Mac Mini and a white carbon fiber skin for iPad Smart Cover. Let me show you how these look!

The 13″ Macbook Pro unibody black iCarbon sells for $49.95 and comes complete with back, keyboard and bottom skins. The skin fits perfectly around each and every cutout, from the glowing Apple logo down to the tiny mic-hole.

Like I suggested in my previous iCarbons review, you should watch the installation video before attempting an install, especially for the larger skins like Macbook Pro. Trust me, it really helps.

The iPad Smart Cover white iCarbon is priced at $14.95 and is recommended for Polyurethane Smart covers only. You can always use the iCarbons over leather ones but if you ever decide to remove the skin, the gloss finish on the leather will be lost.

iCarbons are easiest to install on flat surfaces like the Smart cover. It hardly took me 2 minutes to install the four strips of white iCarbons on my gray Smart cover. Matched with the iPad’s white carbon fiber skin, it looks simply awesome!

You can grab a Mac Mini black iCarbon for $29.95. You’ll get a top skin, a side wrap and a skin for the bottom. Mac Mini skins are available in two versions, with CD Rom and without CD Rom, so order yours carefully. You’ll also get two Apple inserts, one in white and another in red. I used the white one on mine and it looks gorgeous.

iPhone / iPad iCarbon Skins Giveaway:

We have 3 iCarbon skins for iPhones & iPads to give away. Each winner will be randomly picked who will have an option to pick one iPhone or iPad skin of his choice from You can enter the contest in three easy steps:

  1. Tweet this post by clicking on the “Tweet” button at the end of the post.
  2. Follow @iCarbonsdotcom on Twitter.
  3. Follow @iPhoneInCanada & @DrUsmanQ (thats me) on Twitter so we can contact you via a Direct Message if you win. Otherwise we will have no way to contact you directly.

NOTE: If you also leave a comment below, this will increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter ID with it.

[UPDATE] Giveaway Winners Announcement:

Here are the Twitter IDs of our 3 winners:

  1. @PROSTSnoW
  2. @KsbjA
  3. @Exon1x

Congratulations to our lucky winners and many thanks to everyone who participated.

Those who didn’t win, please don’t lose heart as we have more giveaways coming your way, right here on your favorite iPhone blog. Stay tuned !

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