Magic Gloves Bring Wireless Navigation For Your iOS Devices [VIDEO]

Mix Master Gloves are an upcoming pair of magic gloves from Burton that allow users to navigate through their iPhones and iPads’ music library without even touching them. It is certainly a pretty interesting accessory and a quite useful one too, especially in extreme colds. Using the Fibretronic technology, Burton has integrated buttons into these gloves which make it possible to navigate through an iOS device’s music library wirelessly.

Below is a translation from the source:

When I send people to the next innovative product, brand snowboard “BURTON”.

The new model also stores a sequence of 2012 season, has attracted attention from many other fashion freaks snowboarder now!

Among the new, the buzz that spilled the secret of innovation as a product “Mix Master Glove (Glove Mix Master)” It. Wow, this globe is a wireless device “Fibretronic ®” is installed, iPhone, are equipped with outstanding features that you can remotely control the iPod.

While the Snow Globe, you can change songs, iPhone, make it easier for operations such as play / pause and volume controls on the iPod.

In addition, by forming three-dimensional shape with a curved hand is kept constantly warm, may provide a natural behavior like and bare hands. The glove is a made of durable “Gnar Guard leather”.

Burton is a manufacturer of snowboards founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977. The company specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders such as boots, snowboards, gloves, outerwear, and accessories. Take a look at their amazing upcoming iOS accessory in action on YouTube.