Pebble Releases 1.9.1 Firmware Update to Fix Shutdown Bug

For those with the Pebble smart watch already in their hands, you might want to check the iOS app for the latest firmware update. The company has released v1.9.1, a minor update that includes bug fixes to address a rare instance where some watches would not wake with button presses. As described in detail below:

Firmware versions 1.8.x and 1.9 contained a bug where, on rare occasions, Pebble’s MCU was not correctly reconfigured prior to entering shutdown. When this occurred it prevented button presses from waking up the Pebble. Firmware version 1.9.1 contains a fix that ensures the necessary reconfiguration is always performed before shutting down.

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Pebble says if you have experienced this bug, you can follow the steps below to request a RMA for your watch:

1) Confirm you have tried to charge your Pebble for at least 3 hours and you have held down the Select button for 15-20 seconds to try to reboot. (

2) Find “contact support” in your iOS or Android Pebble application or use the Email Us form.

3) Add a note within your email correspondence or in the subject line of your email: “Shutdown RMA”

Kickstarter backers should include their Pebble Account email, and all other customers should include the following: Name, Email, Shipping Address, and Pebble Serial number.

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We never ran into this issue with our Pebble, but we’ve applied the latest 1.9.1 update. Late last week, the company released firmware version 1.9.

Thanks @patrick_d_ng!