Photojojo’s Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit [REVIEW]

Let me start by saying, “if you rate yourself as a passionate iPhoneographer, Photojojo‘s Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit is something you should really consider buying”. That said, any photography enthusiast carrying an iPhone 4/4S and this handy lens kit can easily capture stunning images with his iPhone, far better than he can with just any point-n-shoot camera. Catch the full review after the break!

What’s included?

  • 1 Fisheye magnetic lens
  • 1 Wide Angle / Macro magnetic lens
  • 1 2X Telephoto magnetic lens
  • 1 8X Telephoto iPhone lens
  • 1 Mini-Tripod for iPhone
  • 1 iPhone 4/4S Case with lens attachment
  • 1 Small carrying pouch
  • 1 Large iPhone Lens Wallet
  • Installation manual & a soft cleaning cloth


US $79 @ Photojojo Online Store


The Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit includes 3 magnetic lenses i.e a Fisheye lens, a Wide Angle / Macro lens and a 2X Telephoto lens.

Each lens comes with a front lens cap and a couple of detachable magnetic rings with adhesive which can be attached around the camera of just about any phone. One of the magnetic rings is provided exclusively for the iPhone 4/4S camera and flash. Once the ring is attached to the phone, any of the three magnetic lenses can be attached to it. A magnetic charm is also included with each lens for hanging it with the phone, which also serves as a protective cap for rear of the lens.

The 4th lens that comes with the kit is an 8X Telephoto lens with an attachment case exclusively for the iPhone 4/4S. Instead of a magnetic attachment, this long focal lens screws firmly into the adaptor of the included case which surrounds the camera lens.

The included Mini-Tripod stand has a pretty sturdy build as well. It allows for an easy and stable mount of the iPhone 4/4S inside the provided case with 8X Telephoto lens attached. You also have the option to shoot in landscape or portrait mode by simply rotating the mount to that position.

There is also an iPhone Lens Wallet included with the kit which holds all the contents safely in one place. The blue colored wallet’s exterior is made of tough nylon and the inside is lined with soft felt.

The wallet has a dedicated compartment for the 8X Telephoto lens, a built-in magenetic strip to hold the 3 magnetic lenses, a compartment for the iPhone case and another one for the foldable tripod.

Finally and most importantly, all the lenses perform really well especially the Fish eye lens and the 8X Telephoto lens with its tripod. The only drawback I noticed is that when you are using these lenses, they cover the iPhone’s flash making it unusable.

Here are some sample photos I shot with my iPhone 4S using the kit’s lenses:

8X Telephoto Lens

(Click photo to enlarge)

(Click photo to enlarge)

Magnetic Lenses: Fisheye, Wide Angle / Macro & 2X Telephoto

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Bottom Line

The Ultimate iPhone Lens kit from Photojojo is sure to make a handy companion for any iPhoneographer, and with brilliant zoom capability of the 8X Telephoto lens, the included Mini-Tripod and the iPhone attachment case, I can easily give this kit my highest recommendation!