Review: Z.buds iPhone Headphones by ZAGG

Most of you readers out there are familiar with the “InvisibleSHIELD“, a full device protection solution for your iPhone or iPhone 3G from ZAGG. Today we have another great product from ZAGG, but it is not a device protector. They are called the “Z.buds” and they are in-ear earbuds built and designed for the iPhone or iPhone 3G.

Z.buds by ZAGG

The Z.buds from ZAGG are the latest earbuds from ZAGG’s new line of audio products, ZAGGaudio. ZAGG actually recently received the prestigious “CES Innovations award” for 2009 for the Z.buds! Great job guys!!

The Z.buds are in-ear headphones that provide some outstanding sound quality and great hardware to go along with. The earbuds offer a very deep bass and a very filling sound that you cannot find with the stock iPhone headphones and because they are in-ear, the earbuds do great against keeping outside noise out!

In terms of comfort, the Z.buds include six pairs of different sized sleeves, so you can find the perfect fit. The cord of the earbuds is covered in a very durable nylon which keeps the cord from ripping or falling apart over time.

The cord is also tangle-free and a great length that allows you to have enough maneuvering space when turning your head. For example, I commonly put my iPhone in my pocket when using the iPod app but I find that the stock iPhone headphones are not long enough when I turn my head and they just fall out. But the Z.buds solve this with a little extra cord length!

The Z.buds are also wearable around your neck so if you ever have to take the headphones out, instead of them falling to the ground or stuffed into a pocket, they simply hang around your neck for easy access.

The Z.buds also feature a convenient in-line volume control and in-line music control for pausing and playing music. The in-line music control also doubles as a noise canceling microphone and the control button allows you to accept and end calls (or pause/play music). If you have used the stock iPhone headphones, you will know what this in-line music/mic control is.

The Z.buds are available in four colors; black, red, yellow, and pink and are an excellent value for the cost, which comes in two tiers:

With Mic: $79.99   /   Without Mic: $59.99

Below are some additional specifications of the Z.buds:


Cable length: 1.37 meters/54 inches

Frequency Response: 20hz to 20Khz

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Max input power: 10mW

Sensitivity: 94dB +/- 3dB SPL/mW

Speaker Diameter: 10mm

Plug type: 3.5mm


Frequency response: 30hz to 16Khz

Impedance: 10 Ohms

Sensitivity: 42dB +/- 3dB

The Z.buds can be picked up at the ZAGG online store in either of the four colors and for either of the two prices listed above.

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