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The WINGStand Easily Connects Your iPhone to a Keyboard

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If you’re into typing with a full-sized keyboard on your iPhone (or iPad), you will require a stand to do so. You could use your dock, but that only provides portrait mode. To solve this issue, Daniel Haarburger, a student of Stanford has come up with the latest Kickstarter project for Apple users, called the WINGStand. Here’s the brief description:

The WINGStand creates the world’s sharpest multi-touch laptop by physically integrating a wireless keyboard with an iPad, tablet, or smartphone. It connects to a full sized keyboard making it possible to type naturally as one would with an actual computer.

The WINGStand clips securely onto Apple’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard, and leaves room for your iPhone or iPad. For $20 (plus Canadian shipping), you can invest in this project and have your own WINGStand. Currently, Daniel is just a couple hundred dollars short of his $9500 goal pledge, but it looks like it will go through.

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Click here to learn more about the WINGStand.

Thanks to William for the email!

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