Petro-Canada Mobile Update Brings Digital Petro-Points Card to your iPhone

With so many loyalty cards in your wallet nowadays, it can be cumbersome to carry them all the time. Thankfully there are ways to digitize them with apps like Stocard, but you can also use dedicated apps as well, like Petro-Canada’s mobile app, which was updated today to bring a digital version of their popular Petro-Points program card.

What’s New in Version 2.0.1
• Digital Petro-Points card
• Automatic login with “Remember me” feature
• Easier way to search for your favourite rewards
• Notifications

Petro canada mobile

One potential downside of the digital Petro-Points card is that it can’t be used at the pump since the barcode requires a scanner. The app does share your Petro-Points balance and also lets you manage multiple cards.

The app also added a ‘Remember me’ feature so you don’t have to login with each use and also push notifications are here as well.

Click here to download Petro-Points Mobile in the App Store—let us know how you like this update.