Apple Expected To Increase MacBook Shipments By 10% In Q2 2013 [DigiTimes]


Earlier this month, DigiTimes reported that Apple had stopped placing component orders for all of its Mac products, due to lower than expected sales in the first quarter. But according to today’s report by Taiwanese publication, anonymous sources inside the upstream supply chain are claiming that MacBook shipments in Q2 of 2013 are expected to grow 10% sequentially, as the company has almost finished digesting its excess inventory and should start placing new orders next month.

“The orders in May are expected to be mainly Haswell-based models, the sources noted.

The sources also noted that they have not receives any instructions from Apple for major modifications over industrial designs or equipment for its MacBook Pro and iMac, indicating that Apple’s product upgrades in 2013 will mainly focus on specifications”.

The report also notes that since Apple did not have strong notebook shipments in the first quarter, a 10% sequential growth is expected to only have a limited contribution to the upstream supply chain and MacBook shipments in 2013 may only see a single-digit percentage growth on year, compared to around 30% growth in past years.