Apple Music Replay 2022 Receives Highlight Reel Redesign, Available Now

Apple has redesigned the end-of-year Apple Music Replay 2022 experience for users. Rounding out the year, Apple Music subscribers can access a new highlight reel carousel, spotlighting their listening habits and trends.

Apple Music’s Replay 2022 is available now for users. This year, Apple Music is taking a slightly different approach to showcasing the artists, genres, and songs a user has listened to the most. The overhauled experience of Apple Music Replay now places it closer to Spotify’s Wrapped.

Upon activating Apple Music Replay 2022 via the web, users can gain access to a small highlight reel. Largely resembling Instagram reels or those akin to this feature, users can scroll through each section with ease. Apple Music displays listening trends such as the genres most listened to throughout the year. Additionally, Apple Music Replay 2022 showcases the top playlists, albums, top artists, etc. Users can then add their Apple Music Replay 2022 playlist to the app afterwards.

What’s strange though is that Apple Music Replay 2022 has been built as a web browser experience. Users must navigate to the website in order to see their highlight reel. If you navigate directly to the Apple Music app, users will only find a more streamlined version of Replay. The app merely displays a playlist of the most listened-to songs from the users. Though, these are listed by most ranked.

Overall, Apple Music Replay 2022’s overhaul is nice to see. Every year, social media gets flooded by users showing off their Spotify Wrapped stats and rundown. This year’s Replay is still a bit basic by comparison. Though, work is being done to not only make it more interesting by showing a larger assortment of stats but make it intuitive and sharable. It’s only a shame that the experience is so deeply built as a mobile experience that it would have been nice to integrate it within the Apple Music app natively.