Apple Stores Worldwide Go (RED) to Support World AIDS Day [PICS]

December 1st is World AIDS Day, and Apple once again has partnered up to promote its (PRODUCT) RED merchandise. Apple’s website is promoting the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa on its main page, which links to their (PRODUCT) RED Apple accessories, where a portion goes towards the fight against AIDS (Apple alone has contributed roughly 26% of total (PRODUCT) RED contributions to date):

The numbers don’t lie: Every day more than 900 babies are born with HIV. By 2015 that number can be nearly zero. (RED) works with companies like Apple to fight for an AIDS-free generation by 2015 by creating (PRODUCT) RED merchandise. A percentage of gross profits from the sale of those products goes to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programs in Africa. Since its introduction, (PRODUCT) RED has generated more than $190 million — more than $50 million from Apple alone — for the Global Fund. Now you can make an impact, too, by purchasing a (PRODUCT) RED iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPad Smart Cover, iPad Smart Case, or iPhone Bumper.

product red AIDS

Apple retail stores worldwide have also started to promote the fight against AIDS with logos glowing red and employees wearing red t-shirts. Check out some of the images below:

Apple Store in Chicago via Instagram user becky008:

Chicago red apple store

Apple’s ‘Cube’ in New York City on 5th Ave via Instagram user onguito:

Nyc cube aids red

Apple Store in Paris at the Louvre via Instagram user jessicatitou:

Apple louvre

Employees at the grand opening of the Apple Store in Yorkdale via jasonsgca_flight:

Apple store yorkdale

PRODUCT (RED) started in 2006 as a collaboration between U2?s Bono and Steve Jobs. The latter’s biography noted he was never interested in philanthropy and did not like the (RED) campaign’s mantra to put company names in parentheses. Jobs did not want to see Apple’s name in curly brackets.

Walter Isaacson writes:

“I don’t want Apple in parentheses,” Jobs insisted. Bono replied, “But Steve, that’s how we show unity for our cause.” The conversation got heated–to the F-you stage-before they agreed to sleep on it. Finally Jobs compromised, sort of. Bono could do what he wanted in his ads, but Jobs would never put Apple in parentheses on any of his products.

Apple’s name still isn’t in parentheses, but its logo is on the (RED) partner page:

apple RED

Did you buy any PRODUCT (RED) accessories from Apple today?