Apple Studio Display Supports 64GB of Storage and Only Uses 2GB

Apple’s Studio Display is said to support 64GB of storage. However, the display itself only uses 2GB of that total.

The discovery was first made by a developer known as Khaos Tian on Twitter. First seen by MacRumors, Tian found that the Studio Display only uses a mere 2GB of its 64GB internal storage. Apple has kept the total amount of storage its new premium display offers under the radar.

Source: @KhaosT via Twitter

The 2GB of storage used of the 64GB is liked allocated for firmware updates and other essential storage the display requires.

The Studio Display utilizes the A13 Bionic chip, which was first introduced in 2019 for the iPhone 11 series. The A13 was then handed off to the iPhone SE 2 and the ninth-generation iPad. None of these devices offered storage configurations lower than 64GB, which as MacRumors points out, could indicate the smaller quantities of NAND storage are incompatible with the A13.

Given this revelation, it’s easy to see why Apple may have been so eager to utilize the A13 Bionic chip. Its a proven success across a multitude of devices and Apple may have a surplus to use. As the ninth-generation iPad has a 12MP Ultra Wide front-facing camera and supports Center Stage, we can now see why Apple would migrate those features over to the Studio Display.