Early Benchmarks Show M1 iPad Pro Over 50% Faster Than Previous Generations

With the new M1 iPad Pro expected to begin arriving at customers later this month, early benchmark tests have already started. The results have reportedly shown that the M1 iPad Pro is over 50% faster than previous generations of the high-end Apple tablet.

The news comes by way of MacRumors, who discovered Geekbench 5‘s benchmark results. According to the tests conducted, the fifth-generation iPad Pro, which features the M1 chip, achieves single-core scores of around 1,700. Additionally, the device was granted multi-core scores of around 7,200. In comparison, last year’s iPad Pro was given single-core scores of around 1,100 and multi-core scores of 4,656.

When looking at other Apple devices, the M1 iPad Pro benchmark results are showing to be fairly positive. A breakdown of the average score of other devices are as follows:

  • M1 MacBook Air: 7,580
  • M1 Mac Mini: 7,346
  • M1 iPad Pro: 7,200
  • 16-inch i9 MacBook Pro: 6,819
  • A12Z iPad Pro: 4,656
  • iPad Air: 4,246

As you can see, the M1 iPad pro is on par with the M1 Mac Mini and just shy of reaching the milestone the M1 Macbook Air has achieved. Though, the M1 chip in the iPad Pro helps it to outperform the 16-inch MacBook Pro featuring Intel’s Core i9 chip.

While the benchmarks are impressive, the true results will be dictated when consumers begin using them for a multitude of different applications. Once professionals handling editing, coding, etc. get their hands on the device will we have a better understanding of how the M1 iPad Pro performs compared to Apple’s other devices. It will be interesting to see how the M1 pairs with iPadOS and what the combination brings to the table.