Stories by Gary Ng

The Cheapest StealthSIM Price in the World!

Remember yesterday’s announcement that I will soon be holding a StealthSIM contest/giveaway? Well, the deal gets even sweeter today! I have managed to secure an exclusive coupon for those purchasing a StealthSIM from iPhoneTheSolution! If you enter the coupon code “IPHONECA” during checkout, you will receive $5 off your order! That discount makes ordering the […]

Announcement: iPhoneTheSolution StealthSIM 1.1.2 Unlock Contest!

Alrighty, it’s been confirmed via email! I have something special for all you loyal readers out there! We recently added iPhoneTheSolution, the #1 source in Canada for the StealthSIM as one of our major sponsors. iPhoneTheSolution has sent me a StealthSIM for free to test and I can’t wait to try it out! After I […]

How to Disable Auto-Correction on the iPhone

The iPhone’s keyboard in combination with the touch screen makes for one awesome typing device. However, some people out there might be slightly annoyed when you’re trying to type a word that is not in the iPhone dictionary. That’s when the auto-correct feature kicks in and if you’re blazing away on the keyboard this can […]

iClueless: iPhone Search Portal Extraordinaire

When you’re in a hurry and you need to find something, Google can be your best friend. But what about if you need to search Yahoo!, Wikipedia,, ESPN, Amazon, Flickr, IMDb, TMZ, Dictionary, or weather, news, movies, and stocks? Normally you need to type in the website or Google to get quick access. That […]

StealthSIM: Unlock Your 1.1.2 iPhone TODAY!

How Many of You Are Waiting for the 1.1.2 Unlock? Let me guess–you drove down to the USA, bought your iPhone for $399US, and are patiently waiting for the iPhone Dev Team to come out with their free 1.1.2 firmware software unlock. I can just imagine the hundreds of Canadians out there just scouring the […]

How to: iPhone SIM Card Removal

Believe it or not, the moment I had my iPhone opened and unlocked a week later, at first I wasn’t sure how to remove the SIM card from the iPhone! It is concealed pretty well near the top of the iPhone and one would not know how to remove the iPhone SIM card unless someone […]

Video of the New 1.1.3 iPhone Firmware

If you haven’t seen this already, GearLive posted a video tour of the supposedly new 1.1.3 iPhone firmware that is going ot be released soon. We don’t know how GearLive acquired this new firmware, but if it’s true, some of the new features do look quite impressive. As with all updates, this will once again […]

How to Fix the Low Volume On Your iPhone

The iPhone is a mighty device, but with anything technology related, there are shortcomings. The first thing I noticed with my iPhone was the low volume on the speaker. This was on 1.0.2 firmware that I had unlocked myself. The thing about the speaker is that it can be easily muted, just by covering it […]

Happy New Year! Bring on 2008!

Wow! Can you believe 2007 has come and gone? What an incredible year for the cell phone, don’t you agree? The release of the iPhone by Apple has made many people go iPhone-crazy (including myself!). Now, the only thing that has to happen is for the iPhone to be released in Canada! Who knows when […]

Sing in the Year 2008 with TuneWiki!

Are you ready to countdown 2007 and welcome in the year 2008? Well, if you are you can now sing in the year 2008 with the latest 3rd party application for your iPhone, called TuneWiki. This unique application searches for lyrics and displays them in step with the music, allowing you to turn your iPhone […]

Screenshots of Upcoming iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware?

If you haven’t heard, GearLive has posted a screenshot gallery of the leaked iPhone 1.1.3 firmware. Their servers seem to be hit pretty hard from all the traffic so it may take a while for their page to load. I have managed to grab some of the pictures from another site. Here they are for […]

How to Update your iPhone Firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2

Hope everyone out there has enjoyed their Christmas feasts (and consequently turkey sandwiches afterwards) and intense Boxing Day shopping (which I did not do much of). Now, if you are one of the lucky ones that still has time off before you start work (like myself, hehe), you probably have some extra time on your […]