Stories by Usman Qureshi

Sony & Hitachi Begin Shipping 4-Inch Displays For iPhone 5?

A Japanese Mac blog, Macotakara (via Apple Insider), is claiming that Sony Mobile Display Corporation and Hitachi Displays have begun shipping 4-inch displays for a new iOS device. Though the blog doesn’t elaborate which device the new displays will be used for, but the obvious choice seems to be the redesigned iPhone 5 which is strongly rumored to […]

FastPdfKit Reader: The Very First Siri Controlled App [VIDEO]

FastPdfKit Reader is a free iPhone / iPad app available on the App Store downloadable as a universal binary which allows users to grab pdf from any source with standard rss feed. Today, the developers of the app have added support for Siri using Siri Proxy, a proxy server developed by hackers for Apple’s Siri assistant and have published a […]

Find Out What People Are Buying This Black Friday [Infographic]

While we’ve already put up a comprehensive round-up of 2011 Black Friday sales online for you, an interesting infographic developed by research company Mashwork (via Mashable) shows some of the hottest products and shops this Black Friday. The research analysts monitored over 270,000 tweets between Sept. 26, 2011 and Nov. 17, 2011 and found out where shoppers will be […]

Apple Has The Most Loyal Customers Among All Smartphone Vendors [Report]

A study conducted by research firm GfK (via Reuters) involving 4,500 smartphone users in different regions of the world has revealed that iPhone owners are the most loyal to their smartphone brand among them all. The report claims that 84% of current iPhone owners plan to purchase another iPhone as their next handset while 60% of Android […]

“Siri Is Nothing Special” Says Microsoft Executive..I Mean, Seriously?

Instead of acknowledging Siri’s sheer brilliance, Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie has told Forbes in an interview that Apple’s iPhone 4S exclusive voice assistant technology is nothing special. He rather argued that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced. […]

Infinity Blade 2 Developer Trailer Reveals Stunning Graphics [VIDEO]

Infinity Blade 2, the second title from the iOS exclusive RPG franchise by Epic Games is due for launch on December 1st and ahead of the highly anticipated release, a developer trailer has just been released which reveals pretty amazing game visuals. The trailer shows developers discussing the Infinity Blade 2’s high-end graphics which will […]

Opera Mini Users Growing Fast, 140 Million And Counting

Opera Mini, the famous web browser for mobile devices, is perhaps the best browser offering by Opera till date. According to a recent publication by TNW, the company has announced an 83% increase in Opera Mini usage over the past year hitting the 140 million users mark in October 2011. The report also claims that 22 countries […]

Two Of The Best iPhone 4S Reviews On The Web, Must Read

Starting from the very day iPhone 4S was unveiled, the never ending war of “hands-on reviews” began with all sorts of unboxing photographs and Youtube videos being shot and published all over the web. By now, there must be over a thousand reviews of the device, both by professionals and amateurs but among all those, […]