Stories by Usman Qureshi

Use Siri’s Voice Dictation Feature On A Mac [How To]

We recently published a post showing how you can send group messages and emails with Siri, the digital voice assistant. Today, we’ll show you how you can use Siri’s voice dictation feature to dictate text to your Mac (via TUAW). All you need is an app on your iPhone 4S that allows you to access your […]

Walter Isaacson Unveils Interesting Stuff About Steve Jobs In Exclusive Interview

Walter Isaacson, writer of the recently released biography of Steve Jobs, has revealed that the late Apple CEO was working on ‘reinventing’ three key areas of technology: television, photography and textbooks, among other things in an exclusive interview with The New York Times. According to the writer, Steve Jobs may have been uncharacteristically candid with him […]

Message Your Game Center Friends With Free “JabMe” App

From the makers of DataMan, the iPhone data usage monitoring app, here comes an all new JabMe messaging application which for the first time makes it possible to message your Game Center friends. You can send jab messages to your Game Center as well as Facebook friends with exciting jab actions and sounds effects, all sent […]

Apple To Face A $2.7 Billion Blow In Motorola Patent Case?

In response to Motorola’s likely victory against Apple in a recent patent infringement lawsuit related to “emailing syncing patent”, Cupertino representative has told a German court that they are set to lose $2.7 billion if it rules in favor of Motorola, as reported by BusinessInsider. The report also claims that Apple has requested the court to demand […]

Apple Innovates Again With A New Intelligent Multi-Output Adapter

According to Patently Apple, a patent application from Apple published today by the US Patent & Trademark Office reveals their latest innovation, an intelligent multi-output adapter which can intelligently control power to supply differing voltages to multiple devices simultaneously. Current power adapters typically receive AC voltage from sockets, then convert it into DC voltage specifically for the […]

The Insanely Great History of Apple [Poster]

Pop Chart Lab is known for their creative art and once again, they have created a masterpiece. A 18-inch x 24-inch poster detailing the epic history of Apple has just gone on sale at their official website. The posters are printed on 100lb. recycled stock and printed with vegetable inks. Each one is signed and numbered by […]

iChat For iOS Soon To Become A Reality, Suggests New iOS Source Code

TUAW is reporting that developer John Heaton has discovered some code in the latest iOS release that suggests OS X’s iChat functionality could soon be coming to the mobile platform. The code reflects popular chat services like Jabber and AIM though there is no particular mention of iChat. However, the source claims that these strings aren’t yet included in any […]

Shazam For iOS App Updated With LyricPlay™ Integration

Not long ago, Shazam updated their Free iOS app with “Unlimited Tagging”, a feature that was preciously available to paid / Shazam Encore customers only. Once again, a major update to Shazam app has just hit the App Store which brings full support for LyricPlay™. The feature gives you ‘full-screen visualization’ of lyrics that play in time […]

Hockey Fight Pro For iPhone / iPad Is FREE Today, Download Now

If you are you a diehard hockey fan, Hockey Fight Pro for iPhone and iPad is for you. Best of all, its available as a FREE download in the App store for today only. The game promises beautifully rendered 3D visuals with multi-touch controls to simulate an authentic hockey fighting experience. You can fight against 9 […]

LinkedIn Reinvents Business Cards With CardMunch 3.0 iPhone App

LinkedIn has just relaunced a totally re-designed CardMunch iOS app which aims to ‘reinvent business cards’ by digitizing them completely. According to The LinkedIn Blog, millions of business cards have already been developed using the LinkedIn profiles and now with CardMunch 3.0, the task gets even better. CardMunch has an all new UI with an enhanced visual experience. The […]