Stories by Usman Qureshi

Ceridian Canada Powerpay Mobile App Now Allows Payroll Processing

Ceridian Canada Ltd., the leading human capital management solutions provider has just released an update to its official Powerpay Mobile iOS app. In addition to approval and and review of payroll data, the latest version 2.0.0 now provides full payroll functionality on-the-go to all existing web customers of Ceridian’s flexible Powerpay payroll solution. The app can be downloaded on any iPhone, […]

Appcessories Section: A Blend Of Apps & Accessories, Coming Soon To Apple Stores?

A recent report by T3 (via 9to5Mac) suggests that 3rd-party hardware add-ons called Appcessories for iPhones and iPads will soon be making their way into the Apple Stores. Bandar Antabi, the vice president and head of special projects at Jawbone speculates that Apple could well expand its retail experience with “a new section dedicated to app-connected hardware” in the near […]

Apple Instructs Foxconn To Reduce iPhone / iPad Part Supplies For Q4 2011?

A report published by DigiTimes indicates that Apple has instructed its major iPhone / iPad parts suppliers such as Foxconn to delay a portion of their shipments for the final quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2012. It is claimed that Apple has taken this decision in light of lower-than-expected pre-sales of iPhone 4S. All iPhone […]

How Cell Phones Shape The Lives of College Students [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s a pretty interesting infographic giving you an insight into the fact that cell phones are playing a big role in shaping up the lives of college students. Students love their cell phones more than anything else with more than 94% texting their friends and colleagues every day. In fact, over 60% of these students […]

How To Use Siri Voice Assistant To Launch Your Favorite Apps

While Apple’s amazing voice assistant technology a.k.a Siri can do tons of cool stuff, from setting up your meetings & reminders to telling you how many calories are there is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. But since the service is still in ‘beta’ according to […]

The Amazing 50-Minute Steve Jobs Interview You Might Have Missed [VIDEO]

An incredible 50-minute interview from the series Machine That Changed the World, with Apple and NeXT co-founder Steve Jobs recorded back in 1995, has just re-appered online. Meanwhile, another ‘lost interview’ by Jobs has been remastered which will be shown exclusively in theaters across the country as STEVE JOBS: THE LOST INTERVIEW. Some times dubbed as the “best […]

Apple’s “System Status” Page Lets You Track iCloud Service Outages

In the last couple of weeks, a lot of iOS 5 / iCloud users have been complaining about experiencing bad connectivity and syncing issues across multiple devices. These have sometimes been caused by periodic iCloud outages disabling use of services like Documents, Photo Stream, Backup & Restore via iCloud. Luckily, now there is a way to […]