Stories by Usman Qureshi

Top 30 Cydia Tweaks Of 2011 For iPhone & iPad [VIDEO]

Cydia is the reason we all jailbreak our iDevices right? Whenever we see the Cydia icon on our iPhone, iPod or iPad’s homescreen after performing a successful jailbreak, it brings a smile on our face! Developed by Jay Freeman also known as Saurik, Cydia allows us to find and install thousands of tweaks, software packages including apps, interface […]

iPhone 5 Touchscreen Display Will Be Smaller Than 4-inches

There have been many rumors floating all over the web speculating that the fifth generation iPhone will have a larger display of 4.2-inches. However, Digitimes has just revealed in a recent report that the iPhone 5 will in fact feature a smaller touchscreen panel, something not larger than 4.0-inches. Interestingly the sources claiming the above have also […]

Japanese Guy Runs A Giant Apple Logo, Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

Last Wednesday, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs submitted his sudden resignation which came to us all as a huge shocker. Some of us expressed our feelings by posting emotional comments on our Facebook walls while others left “how sad it makes me” tweets on their timelines. But this one guy named Joseph Tame, a digital media producer […]

Sparrow For iPhone, Coming Soon To Your Nearest AppStore

Dominique Leca, co-founder of the awesome Sparrow mail client for Mac, tells Business Insider that his team is working on an iPhone version of Sparrow. During the interview, he also revealed that Sparrow has already generated over $500,000 in revenue in the six months it’s been available on the Mac App Store. Available at a price of $9.99, Sparrow for Mac was […]

Next Generation iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S Logic Board Leaked In The Wild

Appleleaks has just posted an image on their website claiming it to be the logic board of either iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S handset which adds even more detail to the earlier claim from MacRumors regarding leaked back cover of N94 iPhone 5 prototype device which is speculated to support both CDMA and GSM technologies in […]

EscapeCapsule Case Brings The Ultimate Protection For Your iPhone 4

There are literally thousands of iPhone 4 cases out there but virtually none of them can provide the kind of protection you can get with this ultimate creation by Catalyst called the “EscapeCapsule”. Built with high quality clear polycarbonate, the case protects your iPhone 4 against water, snow, sand, bumps, scratches and just about everything. […]

Apple To Introduce A TV Subscription Service Like Netflix Or Hulu?

Previously, there have been a couple of rumors here and there regarding Apple’s intentions of entering into the Television industry by introducing an Apple branded TV set. But a recent tidbit from WSJ points to an even more exciting development, which is Apple’s interest in introducing a TV subscription service in the near future, something […]

Leaked Case Reveals iPhone 5 Will Be Larger, Wider & Thinner

Yet another purposed iPhone 5 case leaks into the wild and this time, it reveals a little more than before. According to giz china, the case was posted initially at labelled as “cover iPhone5” available for sale in different colors. Photos of the case show much larger dimensions compared to the iPhone 4. The […]