Bell, Virgin Mobile Cut the iPhone 5c to $49.95, iPhone 5s to $179.99 on Contract

Here come some iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s discounts, courtesy of Bell, Virgin Mobile and Telus. Bell and Virgin have dropped the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, while Telus has also discounted the iPhone 5s. Prices below:

  • Bell, Virgin: 16GB iPhone 5c – $49.95
  • Bell, Virgin: 16GB iPhone 5s – $179.95
  • Telus: 16GB iPhone 5s – $179
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Screenshot 2014 05 30 10 40 06

Of course, signing onto a 2-year term will require at least a $80/month plan for the full hardware subsidy. If you’ve waited this long and you haven’t upgraded to either phone yet, you’re better off waiting a bit longer for new (larger?) models rumoured to launch this fall.