Bell to Launch Streaming TV Service “Project Latte” For Mobile, Web and More [u]

Bell announced today it is launching its own streaming service, dedicated “exclusively to the best content on television,” dubbed “Project Latte” which will feature an extensive library of premiere TV shows, highlighted by access to HBO’s entire past and present library:

“We built Project Latte as a complementary service that will delight and amaze viewers with thousands of hours of premium entertainment available on-demand and on the device of their choice,” said Kevin Crull, President, Bell Media.

“Project Latte addresses a significant gap in the Canadian TV system and allows TV providers to greatly enhance the value they provide to their clients. We are incredibly excited about the potential for this product and how it fits into our overall portfolio of Canada’s best television brands and programs.”

“Project Latte” have over 10,000 hours of non-kids TV programming, with more than 350 unique TV titles that will be available to all TV providers. There will be access to the complete HBO Films catalogue, HBO Documentaries, and HBO stand up comedy specials.

The service will be available to mobile, web and TV users “soon”, as the entire content library will be later revealed. A TV subscription is required.

Looks like this is Bell’s version of the Rogers shomi service (said to debut next week), meant to compete with Netflix and get the attention of cable cutters. Since last year there were talks of Bell and its plans to launch its own streaming media service, and “Project Latte” (interesting name choice) looks to be their product.

Anyone looking forward to this?

Update: Project Latte will require a TV subscription and is not a standalone streaming service.