Here Are Virgin Mobile’s New Monthly Plans Coming March 18

Looks like just prior to summer is the time to introduce new monthly plans by carriers with a slight price increase. We saw this with Rogers, Fido, Telus, Koodo, Bell and now Virgin Mobile. The latter is set to debut new plans on Tuesday, March 18 according to an internal doc reports MobileSyrup

Here are the new Silver Plans (which offer $200 in subsidies) coming March 18; we’ve noted the changes in brackets compared to current plans:

  • $34/month ($5 increase): 200 minutes, 50MB data, 5pm evenings
  • $39/month (loss of 100mins/100MB): 300 minutes, 300MB data, 5pm evenings
  • $44/month ($2 increase): 500 minutes, 500MB data, 5pm evenings
  • $54/month ($2 increase, 250MB less): 1000 minutes, 750MB data, 5pm evenings
  • $64/month ($2 increase, 1.5GB less): unlimited minutes, 1GB data
  • $74/month ($2 increase, 1.5GB less): unlimited minutes, 2GB data

For the new Gold Plans (which offer $300 in subsidies), all you have to do is add $5/month to each Silver Plan. This model now is the same across Fido, Koodo and Virgin Mobile. 

Existing Silver 29 and Gold 34 plans will remain available until March 31.

Also, Platinum 75 is increasing by $5/month to become Platinum 80 (unlimited minutes, 500MB; up to $700 in subsidies a.k.a. new iPhone contracts). 

What do you think of these upcoming changes?