Fido and Koodo Revamp Monthly Plans with Less Data and Minutes

Fido has revamped its plans page with a new look and it also comes with new pricing and data and minute allotments as well, basically matching the exact same offerings from Koodo.

Check out the revamped page below, which now shows Smart plans as an option by adding $5 more per month (these plans offer higher subsidies on 2-year contracts):

Screenshot 2014 03 13 11 05 30

Here are some observations on the changes to Fido’s plans which previously had promos from January:

  • $29 Standard plan now $34, but has 50MB of data
  • $39 Standard plan has 100 less minutes, 100MB less data
  • $49 Standard plan with 1000 minutes, 1GB—gone
  • $59 Standard plan with unlimited minutes, 2GB data—gone
  • $45 Smart plan with 400 minutes, 400MB data—gone
  • $55 Smart plan with 1000 minutes, 1GB data—gone
  • $65 Smart plan with unlimited minutes, 2GB data—gone

If you want 1GB of data with Fido it now starts at $64 which includes unlimited nationwide calling and the regular extras. Of course, 10% off BYOD is still available and it’s probably best with an unlocked iPhone.

Here is Koodo’s pricing page to take a look at:

Screenshot 2014 03 13 11 34 49

If you managed to jump on Fido’s earlier promos, you were lucky. If you missed out, wait till the holidays as that’s when it seems most opportune to jump on promotional plans.

Thanks @HarithMoin!