Virgin Mobile ‘Win Back’ Offers: $45/6GB Plan or Up to $200 Off New Phone

Virgin mobile win back

If you’re a former customer of Bell’s Virgin Mobile, you may want to check your email inbox. The company has sent out some ‘win back’ offers to old customers, which are exclusive deals to lure them back to the company.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Geoff, the latest email from Virgin Mobile comes with the subject line, “Geoff, we miss you!”

The email itself reads, “Make your first offer of the year an awesome one,” adding, “start the year off strong with an awesome iPhone, value-packed plans, Member Benefits, and the best customer service.”

There are two deals in this offer:

  • Bring your own phone plan: $45/6GB
  • Get up to $200 off a new phone on any monthly plan

Just because you’re a former customer, the one-time connection fee of $40 still applies, though.

The email says to get an Apple iPhone XS, one can choose from a $55/6GB Silver plan, $60/6GB Gold plan or $75/6GB Platinum plan, which all include unlimited nationwide calling and SMS/MMS. The plan you choose depends on how much you want to pay upfront.

Virgin Mobile customers are told to “quote this code or flash this email on your phone in-store”, referring to the 10-digit ‘win back’ offer code in the email.

The email ends by signing off with “Lots of love, Virgin Mobile.”

Thanks Geoff