Canadians Sent 24 Billion Text Messages in Q1 2013

The CWTA has announced updated numbers for text messages sent in Canada, with 24 billion person-to-person texts occurring in Q1 2013, an average of 270 million per day.

As for MMS messages, 231 million were sent in Q1 2013 and as of March 2013, Canadians are sending an average of 2.6 million per day.

Common Short Codes text messages sent totalled 568 million in the same period. Last year, 2.4 billion total Common Short Code messages were sent and received.

Check out the graphs below to see the evolution of text messages sent in Canada:

Screen Shot 2013 09 13 at 10 36 18 AM

Screen Shot 2013 09 13 at 10 36 54 AM

How many text messages do you send everyday? Do you even talk to people anymore?