CRTC Seeks Canadians to Measure Performance of Home Broadband Internet

The CRTC is working with major ISPs across Canada to measure home Internet broadband speeds using the help of global expert SamKnows.

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The Commissions looks to recruit 6,200 volunteers to receive a “Whitebox” that connects to their modem or router, which will measure Internet performance including upload and download speeds when users are not using their connection. The CRTC assures no information related to online activities are recorded or collected.

The purpose of this test will be summarized in a report to detail the actual Internet speeds Canadians are getting based on what they are paying for, to help the CRTC “improve its broadband policy-making.”

Rogers issued a release shortly afterwards to note it is pleased with the CRTC independent testing program, highlighting it has worked with SamKnows for independent Internet speed reporting since 2012:

“This is great news for consumers,” said Robert Goodman, Senior Director of Internet, Rogers Communications. “We urged our competitors to join us when we began independent testing three years ago so we’re thrilled the CRTC is taking this step forward today. Canadians deserve the Internet speeds they pay for and more transparency means they can make more informed choices.”

You can click here to become a volunteer for the project—certain criteria is required for eligibility.