“Fair for Canada” Parody Takes Swipe at Big Three PR Campaign [VIDEO]

We have all seen the ads from Rogers, TELUS and Bell by now, which plea to Canadians Ottawa is making a mistake with their auction rules, which are seen as unfair and favouring Verizon Wireless.

In response to the recent ‘Fair for Canada’ PR campaign by the Big Three, the Huffington Post points us to a newly released parody video mocking the ad in question, created by YouTube user “robbers.hell.tales”.

Here is the original ad from the ‘Fair for Canada’ campaign:

We’ve seen other public responses to the incumbent PR campaign via the website ‘Real Fair for Canada’, which aims to counter the rhetoric posted by Rogers, TELUS and Bell. Despite the massive budget for advertising their message nationwide, Industry Minster James Moore has said the wireless auction will proceed as planned.

What do you think of this parody video?