Huawei Starts Researching 6G in Ottawa; Bell Confirms Talks with Partners for 6G

Despite 5G networks not even available yet in Canada, Chinese company Huawei has confirmed to The Logic it has started researching 6G networks in Ottawa:

The Chinese tech giant is exploring 6G even before 5G technology is commercially available, and before the Canadian government has made a decision on whether telecommunications firms will be allowed to use Huawei’s equipment in building out their new networks across the country.

Huawei is in the early stages of researching 6G technology at its Kanata, Ont. lab, and is in talks with Canadian university researchers about working on development of the next-generation wireless system. The Chinese telecommunications company’s plans come as the federal government is deciding on whether to allow the company’s equipment in Canada’s 5G networks.

The Logic says Huawei confirmed 6G research at its centre in Kanata, Ontario, to the publication. Huawei says it has also started discussions with Canadian researchers from universities about 6G.

Song Zhang, vice-president of research strategy and partnership in Canada, said “5G is very new, and looking at 6G is part of the so-called 5G evolution.” The company said its Ottawa R&D lab will help lead Huawei’s worldwide development of 6G.

The Canadian government has still yet to decide whether or not it will allow Huawei networking equipment to operate 5G in Canada. The federal government’s allies in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand have banned Huawei equipment, citing alleged ties to China’s communist government.

Canada’s 5G Huawei decision will be made after this fall’s federal election. Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou (and daughter of the company’s founder), remains held in Vancouver, after being arrested last December at the request of United States authorities, for her alleged role in breaking U.S. sanctions against Iran. The fallout of the arrest resulted in China retaliating by detaining two Canadian men and banning select Canadian imports.

The Logic also says Bell confirmed it was talking with “multiple partners” about 6G technology already, but didn’t go into specifics about whether Huawei was involved. Telus and Rogers did not comment on 6G plans.