Koodo, Fido, Virgin Offer Bonus Data, Plans Start at $40 for 1GB

If you’re on a Koodo, Fido or Virgin Mobile BYOD plan outside Quebec, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, these companies have launched simultaneous data promos, offering up to 2GB of bonus data.

What does this mean? If you’re on an older plan, call in to change to the updated promo plans, to get double the data, or 2GB extra data on the $85 per month plan.

Here are Koodo’s plans:

Screenshot 2017 08 01 11 09 27

Here are the final prices once bonus data is applied:

  • $40 for 1GB
  • $55 for 2GB
  • $65 for 3GB
  • $85 for 5GB
Here are Fido’s plans—note there are only three Pulse plans available now:
Screenshot 2017 08 01 11 26 13
Here are Virgin’s plans, which state the bonus data is already included:
Screenshot 2017 08 01 11 26 23

Let us know if you managed to switch over to these bonus data plans. What are the odds of all three companies launching ‘bonus data’ promos at the same time…