Roam Mobility Cuts Data Plan Prices By Up to 50%; Plans Get 3x More Data [u]

Vancouver-based Roam Mobility has announced some big changes to entice even more Canadians with unlocked iPhones and smartphones to use their US roaming service when they head down south this holiday season.

Below are changes to its Talk+Text+Data plans, now with 3x more Data

  • $3.95/day Talk+Text+Data plan now has 300MB (previously 100MB)
  • $11.95: 3 day Talk+Text+Data plan now has 900MB data
  • $27.95: 7 day Talk+Text+Data plan now has 2GB data
  • $48.95: 14 day Talk+Text+Data plan now has 4GB data
  • $89.95: 30 day Talk+Text+Data plan now has 9GB data

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Below are changes to its Data-Only Plans, Now Up to 50% Off:

  • New 300MB data for $7.95, valid for 3 days (Rogers offers 50MB for $7.99/day)
  • 500MB data for $14.95, valid for 7 days (previously $29.95)
  • 1GB data for $19.95, valid for 7 days (previously $39.95)
  • 2GB data for $29.95, valid for 30 days (previously $59.95)
  • 5GB data for $59.95, valid for 30 days (previously $99.95)

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All Talk+Text+Data plans still include unlimited talk, text and free long-distance calls to Canada.

A new pricing structure means Data Only plans are as low as a penny per megabyte, depending on the amount purchased, making these plans much more affordable than ever before for data-hungry travellers with smartphones and tablets.

Emir Aboulhosn, founder and SVP Business Development of Roam Mobility said in a statement “Our new pricing and data allowance is truly the best deal for any Canadian travelling to the USA.” He went on to add “For $3.95 per day you get unlimited talk, text and 300 MB. That’s 50 percent lower and six times more data than roaming packages from other Canadian carriers.”

Roam Mobility tells us with three times more data, Canadian travellers can get 9GB of data on a 30 day Talk+Text+Data plan for just $89.95, which includes unlimited talk, text and free long distance to Canada. I don’t even think I’ve ever used 9GB of mobile data in Canada, let alone travelling in the USA.

Aboulhosn explains “the average person uses roughly 1 to 1.5 GB per month, or approximately 35 to 50 MB per day,” so these increased allotments will definitely help create a comfortable buffer.

How to use Roam Mobility on your next travels to the USA? Just purchase a SIM card for your unlocked iPhone or other smartphone at any big box retailer, convenience store such as 7-11, airports, duty-free stores or travel stores.

Standard and micro SIM cards are available for $19.95 with free shipping included. Nano SIM cards are available for the iPhone 5/5c/5s as well.

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The beauty of Roam Mobility is the convenience factor of setting up your plan while you are still in Canada so it seamlessly activates when you arrive in the USA (you choose the dates).

Let us know if you’re going to jump on these new updated plans from Roam Mobility this holiday season. Of course, there are options to roam with a local US carrier too, but Roam offers users the chance to get setup locally before embarking on a trip.

We’ve used Roam Mobility successfully numerous times while down in the USA (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Washington State). Coverage depends on where you are going as you will be roaming on the T-Mobile network. But with the latter constantly releasing network upgrades, the service and speeds have increased over the years.

Click here to sign up or learn more about Roam Mobility plans. Read our full Roam Mobility review here.

Update: Roam Mobility says existing plans scheduled before today will be automatically upgraded to these new ones:

Don’t worry! We’re automatically upgrading all plans that were scheduled before today so you’ll get to enjoy the extra data without having to modify your account.