Rogers, Bell Launch $70 Plans to Respond to Recent TELUS Plan Changes

Last week Telus rebranded their voice and data plans to ‘Your Choice’, offering slightly cheaper voice options but more expensive data options with smaller amounts at entry price points (300MB of data for $20; previously 500MB).

Now, it appears Rogers and Bell have introduced changes to respond to Telus. Bell is featuring a new $70 Plus plan on its website noting 300MB of data with 300 local minutes:

Screenshot 2014 11 25 10 57 04

These Bell ‘promo’ plans are not shareable, come with unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6PM, unlimited nationwide SMS/MMS, call display, Message Centre Lite, call waiting and conference calling:

Screenshot 2014 11 25 10 43 07

There are also promo plans for ‘Lite’ devices, which are for non-premium smartphones:

Screenshot 2014 11 25 10 59 52

Rogers has introduced a new entry $70 plan which has 250MB of data ($5/100MB overages), unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited SMS/MMS, call display, voicemail, call waiting and 2500 call forwarding minutes. This plan is shareable and has unlimited nationwide talk, unlike Bell’s ‘promo’ plans:

Screenshot 2014 11 25 11 04 50

Carrier websites continue to bombard and overwhelm new customers with complex plans and dizzying options. If you’re a BYOD customer, Telus still has the cheapest monthly price of $40 per line, followed by Bell and Rogers at $45 and $50 respectively.

These new plans allow users to get premium smartphones like the iPhone 6 for $70 per month, but data amounts are pretty minuscule and will easily incur overages over fast LTE networks if users aren’t careful.

[via MobileSyrup]